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Scorpio Woman

NOW HERE'S a cool customer. The superb serenity of some of these Scorpio sirens can bewitch, bother and bewilder you, making you long to know what they're really like. Surely they can't actually be that cool and controlled, can they? Well, it's up to you to find out!

Although Taurus is the astrological opposite to Scorpio, there's a similarity between these two signs, and both can be the strong silent sort. (Yes, even the women!) Taurean lasses are sensationally sensual, but there's more excess emotion in Scorpio girls. Meet one of these maidens for the first time and you'll know that still waters run very deep indeed. There's a fountain of fervent feelings under that flawless facade. (Got your snorkel?) But don't despair. Scorpio women are like complex stock-cubes, lull of all kinds of amorous aromas and tantalising tastes. All you've got to do is get the recipe right!

As far as looks go, most Scorpioettes are exotic and enticing, sultry and seductive. Their eyes will speak volumes, even if they're totally tongue-tied! They can look like the back end of a bus but still folk will flock to them, because they're so marvellously, mesmerisingly magnetic. Once you're ensnared by their enigmatic, elusive and enthralling energy, you won't notice if they have perfect pins or a wooden leg.

There are two women who portray perfectly the stunning stillness of a Scorpio woman cool Katharine Hepburn and glacial Grace Kelly. They have always appeared completely in command of themselves, yet beneath that icy exterior is enough heat to melt the hardest heart.

In fact, passion pervades every element of a Scorpio maiden's existence. She'll be intense about all sorts of issues, from the way you hang up your socks (you do what?) to the problems of the Third World. But what is so delightful about her is that she feels strongest of all about the ones she loves, and her partner in particular. She may be the sort of girl lots of men go gaga over, but if her heart belongs to you, then that's where it'll stay. These lasses are fantastically faithful, and lusciously loyal to those they love. Win over one of these maidens and you'll feel the gods are grinning on you.

But before you become complacent, remember that if you step out of line, you'll only regret it. That Bullish Bard was absolutely right when he wrote 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned'. If you cross a Scorpio siren she'll never, ever, forgive and forget (although she'll say she will), and she'll do anything to get even with you, no matter how long it takes. (Even at eighty, she'll still hold a grudge!) And don't think that you can two-time her, either. With her penetrating X-ray vision, she'll find out all about it, then unleash a fury on you that will get you running for cover. Scorpio lasses can be more jealous, envious, vengeful and vindictive than any other sign in the celestial sky. So if you incur the wrath of one of these women, don't say I didn't warn you!

Sex is important for all Scorpios, but that will mean that they either love or loathe it. (Not all of these folk belong in bed.) I used to know one Scorpio lass who was so panicked by passion that she ended up in a mental hospital. She just couldn't handle it. (She couldn't handle anything, actually, and that was her problem!) So don't be a chauvinist piglet, and think you can slide a Scorpioette between your satin sheets within six seconds of setting eyes on her. She'll be disillusioned and disgusted. Give her time to get to know you first.

Once she's a mother, the Scorpio woman will be a tigress, determined to protect her offspring at all times, and she'll fight tooth and nail to do it. She can also be ultra-possessive, and won't let her kids out of her sight. Very negative Plutonian mums won't let their kids develop their own individuality, and this can cause chaos if they aren't careful.

The Plutonian philosophy of life is that as one door closes, another one opens and that's the way Scorpio lasses live their lives. One strongly Scorpio girl upped and left America, and bourreed over to Britain, so she could start again from scratch. At first, she hardly had two halfpennies to rub together, but now she's riding on the crest of a wave: an excellent example of how a Scorpio can call out 'All change!' on the bus of life.

Pick a positive Plutonian girl and you can have a tremendous time together. Whether she's a pal or a partner, she'll show that stunning Scorpionic solidity. Gosh, these girls are great!

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