Geneve Letheanne Colmiste (seung_mina) wrote in scorpiosaresex,
Geneve Letheanne Colmiste


SO, my fellow water signs. I know i haven't been here for a while but I need all your help. Recently, I got involved with a cancer but he's giving mix signals. He lives 6 hours away and we did a lot of "intimate" moments. We know each other for at least 2 years now but I don't have the courage to ask him where we stand. I'd like to take a guess but I don't want the risk of rejection and coming from a scorpio, I should be aggressive, but I'm scared. What should i do? Should I confront him about this? Or just be patient until he comes up to me and bring up the topic? He was sweet when i visited him but sometimes during the weekend he turned cold and withdrawn on me and i have no idea what i did. Maybe it was the provocative clothes i was wearing, but he just went from a sweetie to a jerky!! HELP!
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