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Ok, this is getting silly.

A little while ago, I'm taking this girl home from the local Goth club. Her ride decided she didn't want to leave yet, but this girl wanted to. The music's not doing a whole lot for me, at the time, so I decide to take off, myself. This girl tells me where she lives, and it turns out we're in the same city, and only several minutes away. Cute girl, and for whatever reason, took the time to show me all of her piercings.

All of them.

So, anyhow, it's about a 35-40 minute drive home in the hoopty, and we're talking. We're on the same wavelength about a lot of things, when talk of astrology comes around.

Now, we've been just chatting it up for quite some time, until I tell her what my astrological sign is.

Then she gets all quiet and scared.

This is a person that is a dominatrix, by the way, and is about 6' tall, without the boots, and says she punched a guy in the face for yanking her by the hair.

So, anyhow, after she collects herself, the only thing she can manage to say is: "No offense, but you guys are crazy. Well, one of the best relationships I've ever had was with one...but...I try to avoid you guys."

Now, come on...
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