Megan Ann Harris (ghostpassenger) wrote in scorpiosaresex,
Megan Ann Harris

Some advice?

So I know there was a post earlier about Cancer/Scorpio but my issue is a tiny bit different:

So my cancer is a leo cusp. He seems to be mostly cancer though. I've been dating him for about 5ish months. He actually stole me away from a virgo/leo because the virgo/leo was putting me on the back burner in order to push his social and business agenda. So anyways, this cancer is absolutely fantastic to me. The connection that we share is intense. And I just feel so comfortable and safe with him. I also trust him immensely. And as a scorpio that has been burned repetitively I can assure you that is not an easy thing to do.

When I met this boy I knew right when I shook his hand that a relationship with him would be spectacular. I was attracted to him from the moment he walked into the bar at a mutual friend's party. But I played indifferent and was dating someone else. So at the end of the night he kissed me. And....OMG it was like the most amazing stars-shooting-across-the-sky- movie-like, romance-novel, all-that-girly-love-shit- kind of kiss. I RAN away. I literally ran away from him. But I thought about him for days, texted him a whole bunch of times, we got together a few times, one time some stuff happened. I broke up with the boy I was dating before...

I've convinced him that cheating is something I NEVER EVER do. He was the exception. What I have for him I've never felt before from anyone.

But I feel like he's been acting distant because he might be afraid of the intensity...or if he's acting distant because he's hiding something... :(

I've never dated a cancer before so I don't know their patterns...any advice?
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